Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding the Vitamin Chemist's services.

What topics do you teach or lecture on?

Any topic relating to the most technical of aspects regarding natural supplements and how they works. Topics usually include the pharmacology, biochemistry, and physiological effects of vitamins, herbs, and other miscellaneous natural supplements.

How in-depth or technical are your lessons?

The depth of the lesson various per customer. They can be tailor made to explanations at a 5th grade level, and up to Ph.D level technical lessons.

Who are your customers?

Typical customers are physicians, pharmacists, vitamin retail store owners, college professors, and non-professionals who simply want to learn how supplements work.

How far will you travel for 1 on 1 lessons or lectures?

As far as the customer needs. Travel expenses are included in the fees however. 1 on 1 lessons can be done remotely via phone call or video conference, but certain in-store training and lectures are best in person.