"Chad Brey has written dozens of technical articles for my company that describe in great detail how different supplements work. He has taught many of my employees regarding the details of how my products work, so they can pass along that education to my customers. I also personally call Chad on occasion when I have technical questions about some of the products I carry. For many years Chad has been a great asset to my business."

  • Bernard Kash, Founder of Earthwise Nutrition Centers

"Chad Brey has been an excellent resource to me over the past couple of years. Whenever I had a question about the mechanism of action of a certain herb or vitamin he has always explained it well."

  • Christoper Nayar, Pharm.D student

"I've had quite a few conversations with Chad about the pharmacology of certain nutrients and he has given me a lot of insight as to how they work and how they compare to certain prescription medications. I highly recommend him to any healthcare professional who wants to further their education on dietary supplements."

  • Everett Yano, Clinical Pharmacist