The Vitamin Chemist will perform 1-on-1 training either in person or remotely on the technical aspects of any natural supplement.



The Vitamin Chemist's team of professionals will source all of your bulk ingredients from herbs, vitamins, plant proteins, minerals, amino acids, etc. The Vitamin Chemist's professional group of ingredient suppliers will provide premium ingredients at reasonable prices.



Have the vitamin chemist consult and assist in the formulation of new concept products or reformulate existing ones.


Since 1993


If you are a natural supplement retailer, a healthcare professional, or just an everyday consumer who wants to know more about vitamins, herbs, etc. the first thing that MUST be done is to educate yourself. This can mean the difference of recommending the right or wrong supplement to a customer or patient, or a consumer taking the right or wrong vitamin.

The more a natural supplement retailer knows about his/her products, the more confidence there is in recommending the right product. Further, the more trust the customer will have in the retailer and will likely return and/or tell a friend.

The more educated a healthcare professional is about natural supplements, the more flexibility there is in recommending or prescribing a vitamin, herb, amino acid, etc. Again, this builds trust and confidence in the patient.

Finally, the more educated you as the consumer are in the products you're taking, the better choices you can make when deciding which supplements to purchase to target a specific goal.


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