The Vitamin Chemist will perform 1-on-1 training either in person or remotely on the technical aspects of any natural supplement.


Have professionally written articles created on any subject regarding natural supplements and how they work. These can be handed out to your patients, your customers, or made accessible on your website.


Have the vitamin chemist consult and assist in the formulation of new concept products or reformulate existing ones.

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Build confidence in your customers

The more your customers are educated about the natural supplements they are buying, the more confident they feel about what they are taking. YOU can be the one to educate your customers and build their confidence. This is what creates repeat customers and generates referrals.

Build trust in your patients

The more your patients realize how familiar you are about the supplement you are prescribing or recommending to them, the more trust they have in your decision. YOU can be the one to educate them... not someone or something else.